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American Kids Using Aussie Slang From Bluey

The much-loved Aussie cartoon series “Bluey” has made it big overseas and we’ve seen recently that it has some critics with some episodes being edited or removed entirely.

It’s so refreshing as an Aussie parent to have a series on TV for kids that looks and sounds like us, from the houses they live in the lifestyle they live, and the animals that they interact with, yes I’m looking at you Magpie! Leave Bingo alone! She just wants to swap a curry before Dad flies out on a work trip!

One American Mum recently jumped on a Bluey Facebook group to share what she doesn’t understand about the program which was mostly slang words and phrases that we all grew up with.

It’s left us pleading that it never changes for another audience because these things are the things we actually love about it.

Other US parents are saying that their kids are watching so much Bluey that they’ve started sprouting Aussie Slang, and we think this is bonzer!

Some of the words that popped out were “Bin Chicken”, “Dobber”, “Bin” and one of our favs “Oh Biscuits!”. Considering what that last one is really replacing it’s a step in the direction of a more polite society.

One parent wrote on Twitter “my kid has watched so much bluey he’s using australian slang.. unacceptable”

Sheesh Mate, next thing you’ll know he’ll start using capital letters in his tweets as well.

You don’t need to be a Doctor to work out that in the episode that Miles After Bedtime is referring to here Lacky’s Dad is saying “Oh I’ve done my hammy” translated as “I’ve pulled my hamstring and may not be able to walk properly for a couple of weeks”.

There have been some calls to Americanise Bluey in much the same way that the UK show “The Office” had success with the US version starring Steve Carell. But we hope we can keep our favourite little show for ourselves just the way it is.

It’s such a great reflection of our society and fun-loving nature as well as a great ambassador to our countries who can learn a lot from the beautiful morality.