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This cartoon cake is actually real, but try telling that to your brain

This Melbourne baker’s incredible ‘cartoon cake’ looks so real she had to post another video cutting it to prove it wasn’t a drawing

There’s lots of food trends on TikTok, but our favourite right now is the one where people are making cartoon cakes – they’re real cakes with real ingredients but decorated in such a way that it looks like a cartoon drawing.

No drawing trickery here. Just clever use of pastel coloured fondant and lining everything in black to mimic a cartoon.

One person who tried this trend has gone viral with her amazing cake video that has everyone doing a double take. It’s the most delicious (if we could eat it) optical illusion ever!

Melbourne cake artist Tigga McCormack thought she’d give the trend a try with some leftover red velvet cake and has since had more than 9 million views on her video showing her making her cartoon cake.

@tigga_mac THE END RESULT EXCEEDED MY OWN EXPECTATIONS. 🤩#tiggamac #okiedokie #cakevideo #comiccake #cartooncake #caketrends #cakedecorator #caketutorial ♬ original sound – Tigga Maccormack

We reckon lots of those views are from people watching it over and over again because they can’t believe it’s actually real. That’s definitely what we’ve been doing for the past 15 minutes.

As we watched it, we kept waiting for a cartoon anvil to come crashing down, or for some rascally cartoon figure to run by and steal it!

Tigga wrote in her post caption that the end result exceeded even her own expectations. She also said in the comments it was a huge compliment that people were accusing her of using a cartoon.

“U cant fool us. U just put a cartoon cake there,” wrote one commenter, while another said, “My brain hurts, did you switch it to a cartoon cake or is it real, I cant tell.”

Another commenter wrote: “nah you have to cut it for me to believe it’s real” even though Tigga obviously made it there in the video.

So Tigga made another video showing her cutting the cake as proof, with a cheeky caption saying “Real enough for you?”

@tigga_mac Replying to @shav___🦋 Real enough for you? 🤩💗#tiggamac #cakevideo #cartooncake #popart #opticalillusion #caketok #cakevideo #cakecutting #cake #caketrends ♬ Real Enough – Fat Cat

Yep, she’s definitely won the cartoon cake trend, and we know it’s real, but even as it’s sitting there on the plate cut into two pieces, our brain is still saying, “I want to eat it! But it’s a cartoon. But I want to eat it! But it’s a cartoon…”